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Dorridge Station Parkingpoplar-road-parking.jpg

Please let us know what you think might be the best solution to the parking problems at Dorridge Station.

The station and overflow car parks don't have enough space for the rail-users who want to use Dorridge. This results in often inconsiderate parking on nearby streets.

The Council held a consultation and some of the proposed yellow line restrictions weren't popular and didn't go ahead. But the recent changes in Paddock Drive and Granville Drive mean that all-day rail commuters have moved onto the Dorridge Road / Clyde Road junction area. It's dangerous when drivers can't see into Dorridge Road and inconvenient to local residents.

What do you think, now that Sainsburys is busy and rail travel is becoming apparently more popular? Tell us in the comments box at the bottom.

Picking up / Dropping off at the Station

station drop off at DorridgeThis isn't easy at Dorridge station.

Lib Dem Candidate Paul Fairburn said

"When the front of the station was being remodelled as part of the Sainsburys changes, why didn't it include a decent drop off facility?"

"If you're dropping off or picking someone up you often have to block the disabled spaces and the entrance to the car park. It was a missed opportunity."

Please tell us what you think using the form at the bottom of this page.


affordable housing?

New housing is needed across Solihull, and affordable housing too.

Is there enough reasonably-priced housing in our Ward? No, we don't just mean affordable on an MP's expenses, like the one on the right. Where will our children and grandchildren be able to afford to live?

You now have a chance to say what new housing you want to see locally, and where you want it. Dorridge and Bentley Heath have the benefit of a newly formed Neighbourhood Forum (it includes Knowle but excludes Hockley Heath).

Watch out for the Forum's leaflet in May. Why not join up and help shape the area's future? 



bridge road after

Paul Fairburn reported the deep holes under the rail bridge in Dorridge and the Council have thankfully resurfaced that section now.

Hockley Heath has suffered from some really bad potholes - seemingly forgotten about.

When will the Council Act?

A pavement hole has to be 25mm deep before the council considers it urgent.

In the roads it’s more complicated. As a rule, in the carriageway, it has to be over 50mm deep - and that's the investigation level, not necessarily an urgent intervention.

It also depends where it is in the carriageway, the type of road, how many vehicles pass over it, etc.! But if you spot a problem in the road or pavement – let us know.

Car Crime

Dorridge & Hockley Heath has been suffering from car crime in recent months, often with keys stolen from just inside the home. Please keep car keys out of sight of doors and windows.

Check your fob has workedcar key

Quite often cars aren't actually locked even when the owners thinks they are. Fobs don't always lock the car!

Opportunist thieves walk along the road and quickly the test the car doors. On most roads, one of them will be unlocked.

Don't be a victim - the Police don't usually have much to go on and fewer than 10% of car crimes result in success at court. Check your cars is locked when you're not in it, use all its security devices and security mark your valuables.

Useful Local Information

Neighbourhood Coordinator (Dorridge) Tom Rogers 0121 704 6425
Neighbourhood Coordinator (Blythe) Matt Gardner 0121 704 6573
Neighbourhood Police

PC Andy Timmins

PC Sharon Grant

PC Tariq Dost

CPSO Wendy Shale

101 ext. 891 6011
ASB Officers Marcus Crockett and Gemma Ashington  0121-779-1515 

Anti-social Behaviour Hotline

If you want to report anti-social behaviour or hate crime incidents call 0121 717 1500. It is staffed on weekdays 8am-8pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm. 


Please volunteer to help bring back Lib Dem representation to Dorridge and Hockley Heath. Please also consider making a donation.

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