Elect James Edwardson for Lyndon Ward

Solihull Council Elections - May 3rd

James Edwardson Lib Dem candidate for LyndonJames Edwardson is your Liberal Democrat candidate for Lyndon.

James believes that Lyndon is a great place to live, work and raise a family. In order to keep it that way he will:

  • Work with residents and Police to tackle the rise in burglary and vehicle crime
  • Preserve our green spaces and keep them free of trouble makers
  • Fight for more youth activities and protect those that we have
  • Work with local schools and businesses to tackle parking and traffic problems
  • Work hard all year round for residents and champion the interests of the Lyndon community at the Council.

Vote James Edwardson

A letter from James

Dear Resident,

On the third of May you will have the chance to choose a new Councillor to represent your community. For the last few years the people of Lyndon have entrusted Lib Dem councillors Ade Adeyemo and Tony Ludlow to represent their interests at the council. With Tony set to step down this year, I hope that you will grant me the privilege of representing this community and continuing the fine work that he and Ade have been doing locally.

James Edwardson - Lib Dem candidate for LyndonI decided to stand for election because, like many of you, I was growing concerned by reports of increased crime and struggling schools and I wanted to do something about it. To me, public service is about just that; serving a community. I believe that local representatives should be first and foremost hardworking, honest and reliable. Lyndon needs councillors who will put the interests of this community above political point-scoring and personal ambition, councillors who respond to the concerns of residents and get things done. As your prospective councillor I pledge to do just that.

My wife and I were born and raised in Solihull, and I’ve chosen to raise my own children here. I want to make sure that it remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. When Ade and I are out knocking on doors and talking to residents the one thing that comes up more than any other is that people are happy in their community and believe that Lyndon is a lovely place to live. If you choose to elect me on the 3rd of May, I promise to do everything in my power to keep it that way.

Yours Sincerely,

James Edwardson

Your sincerely,


How We Are Helping in Lyndon

James Edwardson and a tree stumpFollowing complaints from many residents we reported tree root damage on Coverdale Rd and Thurlston Rd. This has now been repaired and new saplings have been planted.

Many residents have contacted us with concerns about deliveries on Lyndon Road at school run times. James raised this issue with Co-Op and their drivers have been asked not to make deliveries at this time.

Many residents have reported the state of play equipment at Olton Jubilee park to us. We have reported this to the council and are putting pressure on them to replace the old and broken equipment.

We have recently been supporting several residents in Lyndon with planning permission issues. If you have any planning concerns then please do get in touch.

James working to reduce JLR parking issuesWe have been working very closely with JLR to resolve parking issues. We recently attended a community meeting with the company to share resident concerns and encourage considerate parking. We will continue to work for a solution to this problem.

Your Lib Dem councillors helping the residents' associationYour Lib Dem councillors are an active part of your community, regularly attending Lyndon Residents Association meetings in order to hear the concerns of local residents and work towards a better Lyndon.

We are concerned about the rise in crime in Lyndon and have met with local residents and police to tackle this. We also raised vehicle crime on Knightsbridge Road as a serious concern in full council and asked the council to meet with residents.

Lib Dem Councillors join the local litter pickWe regularly attend the local Literary Litter Pickers events running from Hobs Moat library. If you would like to join an event then pop into the library for more details. All are welcome!

Local clubs invited to make their case to the CouncilWe have been supporting the boxing club, scouts, and guides who have been affected by the closure of the Summerfield centre. Cllr, Adeyemo helped the clubs petition the council and is working with them to secure suitable premises.

James Edwardson’s Plan for Lyndon Ward

  1. I will continue to fight for proper funding for and real improvement in our schools.
  2. I will work with the police to tackle growing crime concerns.
  3. I will fight to maintain our green areas and keep them free of troublemakers.
  4. Lyndon needs more quality housing our children can afford. I will campaign for more affordable housing so that young people who have grown up in Lyndon can choose to remain near their families if they wish.
  5. I will lead the charge to improve local NHS and Social Care services for Lyndon residents.
  6. Continue to work hard for YOU all year round. Any issues you have, I will be happy to help with.

Support from your Councillors

James is a fantastic community campaigner already advocating for the residents of Lyndon.

He is passionate, articulate, and will work hard all year round for the residents of Lyndon - not just at election time!

A vote for James is a vote for a councillor who will fight for you and your family.

James is already on the frontline fighting for our schools, maintaining police resources, and road safety in Lyndon.

But to do more he needs your help.

On May 3rd, Vote EDWARDSON, James

Cllr Tony Ludlow and Cllr Ade Adeyemo


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