Olton Ward

Olton-faces.jpgLiberal Democrats have been representing residents in Olton for many years.

Currently we have two Councillors in the Ward, Lib Dem Group Leader, John Windmill, and Claire O'Kane.

Jo Fairburn is a local campaigner, and our prospective candidate for the Olton Council Ward in the elections in May 2016. Jo will make sure your concerns are listened to. Look out for her as she visits every street in Olton Ward.

norman-davies.jpgFormer Councillor Norman Davies says: 
“I have known Jo Fairburn for at least three years since she started working with the Lib Dems in Olton. She has impressed me with her determination and capacity for hard work. She has a background in nursing and has also done signing for the hearing impaired and she worked in the field of domestic violence." 

Councillor John Windmill says:
"I recommend her as our prospective candidate for Olton in the local elections next May. I feel sure she will make an excellent Councillor and will work energetically for the residents of Olton.”

Jo is a mother of grown up children, so she now has time to focus on your priorities.

Solihull Station Parking

Please let us know what you think might be the best solution to the parking problems at Olton Station. The car park doesn't have enough spaces for the rail-users who want to use Olton, and this results in sometimes inconsiderate parking on nearby residential streets.  

Please look at potential options and let us know what you think with our one-question survey.

Jo-John-St-Bernards-Smile.jpgJo Fairburn found a lot of support for extra parking at the station from residents of streets near the station. 

"The yellow lines and the white markings to stop people parking across drives hasn't completely solved the problem for people living nearby. There's a still some inconsiderate parking taking place. But I have sympathy for rail users who need to catch a train. They all deserve better."



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