Vote Gayle Monk in Shirley East

Gayle Monk, the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Shirley East in the Solihull Council Elections

Solihull Council Elections - May 3rd

Gayle’s priorities for Shirley:

● Properly funded and well-equipped schools
● Working with police to tackle your crime concerns
● Keeping Shirley Park clean and family friendly
● Quality housing our children can afford
● Improving local NHS and care services
● Fighting for Shirley’s fair share

 Vote for Gayle Monk in Shirley East Local Election

A Fresh Approach for Shirley

Shirley resident and lawyer, Gayle Monk is your Lib Dem candidate for Shirley East in the May 3rd local election.

Liberal Democrats like Gayle have been successful before in Shirley. You can help Gayle win back this council seat for the Lib Dems and bring a fresh approach to local services here.

The Tories have a big majority on the council including all three seats in Shirley East. It’s time for a change.

  • Crime - Our region’s Chief Constable doesn’t have the resources he needs to keep us safe. Crimes against people in Shirley don’t seem to be a priority for our stretched Police service.
  • Potholes, speeding and parking - Let’s stop Shirley being treated like a second class suburb.
  • Protecting our green spaces - for future generations.
  • Local school budgets - are being squeezed by real terms cuts. Our schools are trying to deliver the same education but with less money. Teachers are overworked and they, and our children, pay the price.
  • Health Services - The Liberal Democrats are calling for an extra £6 billion a year to protect the NHS. You deserve prompt treatment when you’re ill, and a better standard of care in later life.
  • Affordable Homes - Today’s housing policies serve the interests of big construction companies and banks. Vote for a candidate who thinks we need affordable homes for people like us.


Published and promoted by Gayle Monk on behalf of herself and the Solihull & Meriden Liberal Democrats, all at 466 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AG.

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