Anti-Bullying Week - Get Involved!

This week schools, colleges, parents, carers, children and young adults unite to say a big ‘NO’ to bullying. Of course it’s important to tackle bullying all year round! But this week is a special chance to draw everyone’s attention to bullying. 

Anti Bullying Week - Get Involved

We can take individual and collective efforts to make sure children have safe places where they can thrive.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance’s website is and you can find, activities, check sheets and ways to support our community and strengthen it against bullying.

This year Anti-Bullying Week is particularly focused on ‘Power For Good’. Helping children understand how powerful they are and encouraging us all to use our ‘Power For Good’.Anti-Bullying-Week-Graphic-300x225.jpg

As we all know bullying can have a long term impact on mental health which is just one of the reasons we need to take this stand together. For too long Mental Health has been a Cinderella service, ignored, under-funded and taboo.

It is changing, but not fast enough. The Liberal Democrats will be taking every opportunity to fight for better mental health services in our country and to promote educated conversation which can be really helpful for people with poor mental health.

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