Liberal Democrats Question Bin Contract

Liberal Democrat Councillors have questioned the value of a new council bin contract.

Liberal Democrat Councillors have questioned the value of a new "high-risk" council bin deal after Conservative approval to re-tender the contract for 10 years.  

The decision had previously been made by the Conservative Cabinet Member in June but was later "Called in" by Opposition parties due to concerns around value for money following revelations of an £18m council budget black hole. 

"Calling in" a decision is very rare and is a formal request for a decision to be re-examined by committee.

In late July a committee made up of One Lib Dem, Two Greens, and Three Conservatives plus a Conservative Chair questioned the Cabinet Member and council officers on the benefits and limitations of the proposed contract plus scrutiny already undertaken. 

Opposition Councillors were also questioned by Conservative members of the panel for 47 minutes on their reasons behind calling in the decision. Reasons given by Liberal Democrat, Green, and Labour Councillors included changing the length of contract from the standard 7 years to 10 years, lack of transparency and proper scrutiny, and value for money in the wake of Coronavirus. 

You can watch the full meeting here: YouTube

Or you can report local reporting on the issue here: Birmingham Mail

After deliberation, the committee vote was down party lines with Opposition Councillors voting that they were "Dissatisfied" with the original decision and Conservative Councillors voting that they were "Satisfied". The Conservative Chair had the final vote and voted alongside their colleagues. 

The final vote was 3 votes against 4, with the majority "Satisfied" with the decision.

Solihull and Meriden Liberal Democrats are disappointed with the decision but will continue to demand a better deal for council tax payers and to work cross party where necessary to do the best for you. 

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