Black Lives Matter

Solihull and Meriden Liberal Democrats extend our support for the furthering of justice and equality for the black community. Black Lives Matter. 

Black Lives Matter shouldn't need to be said, it should be a given. 

The Liberal Democrats exist to further equality for all; we believe that society is better when nobody is left behind. We need to acknowledge though that black communities are not being treated equally and we need to do more.

The Coronavirus pandemic has disproportionally impacted the BAME community, yet Public Health England's report, when eventually released, offered no solutions. No attempts to address this. Why?

(Read more about what the Liberal Democrats are doing to raise this issue here.) 

Many people have taken to the streets in an effort to be heard, and we need to listen. We need to recognise and call out racism where we see it. We need to hear what we are being told and educate ourselves. 

The Liberal Democrats believe that Black Lives Matter and we support the campaign for racial equality. We fully support BAME communities in Solihull and Meriden, the UK, and abroad, and stand with them against the racism and injustice that they face in their daily lives.

George Floyd cannot be just another name. We must continue to fight for real change, and the Liberal Democrats will support the movement to bring justice and equality for all.

For more on the Liberal Democrats' support for the Black Lives Matter movement, see: 

George Floyd cannot be just another name. In this article, you will also find links to support for your mental health if you are affected by the images and stories circulating.

Tell Boris Johnson: To remain silent is to remain complicit!

For the Liberal Democrats response to the report on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME groups, see:

We demand action on the disproportionate impact Covid-19 is having on BAME groups

For those seeking to be a better and more effective ally to black communities, see this Twitter thread

If you would like to make a donation to a relevant cause, here are some:

But we are also keen to support important organisations here in the UK. As it is Pride month, many events have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus so we would encourage you to spend any refunded Pride event tickets or the cost of a pint to UK Black Pride who do amazing work. You can find out more here:

If you can’t donate but want to find out more and educate yourself then Londonist has collated a list of other organisations to donate to, a number of key resources, as well as petitions you can sign:

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