Charles Robinson cares about our Environment

Blythe's Liberal Candidate is the Green Choice

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Charles Robinson, the Lib Dem candidate in the Blythe by-election cares about the environment. In fact it's a key part of being a Liberal Democrat.

Lib Dems introduced the 5p bag charge - against the wishes of Tories in the Coalition

Plastic waste tackled by the Lib DemsIn coalition we fought for a charge on plastic bags to reduce the terrible problem of plastic waste and pollution. The Conservatives inserted loopholes into the legislation, and we think the success of the scheme means it's time to close the loopholes.

Litter picking around Monkspath, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in the number of discarded plastic bags. Now, the main types of litter are plastic food packaging, plastic bottles, disposal cups and cans.

Now Let's Tackle Disposable Coffee Cups

MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee published a report backing Liberal Democrat calls for a charge on disposable coffee cups.

The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for a charge on coffee cups since September 2016 and were the only party to include the policy in their 2017 Manifesto.

Charles Robinson said "It's great that our call for a coffee cup charge is gaining traction. The Chancellor has said he'll consider it - but progress under the Tories is slow when it comes to protecting the environment."

The evidence is clear that these levies work - the 5p charge on plastic bags has massively reduced usage and helped protect our environment.

The government must introduce a levy on disposable coffee cups as soon as possible. Every day that ministers sit and do nothing, another half-a-million cups will end up needlessly littering our towns and countryside.

What About Solihull?

Solihull has been missing its own recycling targets for years. It's just not on the Tories' agenda as an important issue. In the Blythe by-election, elect a Lib Dem who cares about our environment!

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