Council Considering Fortnightly Bin Collections

To Encourage Recycling

Solihull Council is considering fortnightly waste collections in a bid to increase recycling rates, even though residents were against such changes when surveyed last year.

Council considering a 4th bin for food waste

A Fourth Bin for Food Waste?

The Council has been delving into the contents of our black bins, discovering that food is a major component (41% on average). Separating food waste would allow it to be recycled.

Council officers are examining the option of fewer black bin collections but with an additional food waste bin. The Conservative Cabinet Member asked them to look in detail at the proposal, one of several presented last year.

There's no guarantee this will happen, but this option was selected as the “preferred” one, and it leaves garden waste collections unaffected.

Missed Recycling Targets

Even with these changes, the Council's own forecast says it will still miss its 50% target. Solihull’s recycling has been below that for several years.

Huge numbers of Solihull's homes fill their waste bins every week, according to the Council, but the size of the black bins would not increase.

The Council acknowledges that their preferred option could cause additional fly-tipping and problems for parents disposing of nappies.

The moves would increase the cost of collecting and handling waste by £345,000 each year.

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