Solihull's NHS Crisis

As 'Bed Blocking' remains at warning levels, Solihull's NHS funding body is many millions short of cash. Solihull people oppose its plans to merge with Birmingham, and the reductions in local services that are then possible.



‘Bed blocking’ (when hospital beds are occupied by patients ready to leave) is measured in “Delayed Days”. Although Solihull officials admit the problem is at ‘RED’ warning levels, the numbers stubbornly refuse to fall.

Now, Solihull's CCG (health funding group) - which expects to be £5.5 million short this year - is hoping to merge with two Birmingham CCGs. Birmingham MPs aren’t happy at the thought of subsidising Solihull. We’re not happy with the level of Government funding for Health & Social Care!

A public consultation exercise was held recently (did you know about it?).  

The majority of responses from Solihull were opposed to the way the merger is going to work - but it seems it's going to happen anyway.

NHS Consultation Delay Scandal

Lastly there's the scandal of the local health and social care "Sustainability and Transformation Plan" (STP), which was supposed to be subjected to public scrutiny.

There’s still no sign of that, despite the planned cost-saving changes.  If 'efficiency savings' are to be found locally - we think you have a right to say what you think of the proposed changes.  

So far the plan published online is very vague. It's full of aspirations, and lacking in detail.

NHS STP Consultation Delays 


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