Lib Dems Get Action on Dangerous Bend in Olton

Lib Dem campaigners have secured a promise of safety improvements for Brookvale Road from Solihull Council Highways Department.

Dangerous bend in Brookvale Road Olton, where Lib Dems have secured better signage from the Council

Local residents raised concerns with your Olton team that drivers frequently speed round the sharp bend in icy conditions, sometimes mounting the pavement. In the worst cases cars have damaged garden walls.

Councillor John Windmill and Olton campaigner Jo Fairburn met on Brookvale Road with an understanding council officer who is now planning to replace the existing sign with a clearer one, which will include a speed warning.

Jo Fairburn said, "The meeting was very fruitful, and this is just the sort of issue your Lib Dem team are standing by to deal with on your behalf."

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