Lib Dems Retain Seats in Solihull

Liberal Democrats successfully retained our 3 seats on Solihull Council that were up for election this year.

In Elmdon Ward, Councillor Glenis Slater, current Mayor of Solihull, held her seat with a majority of 55.

In Olton Ward, Jo Fairburn won with a majority of 125, ensuring that former Councillor Claire O'Kane's seat remains in Lib Dem hands.

In Lyndon Ward, Ade Adeyemo won with a majority of 159, ensuring that former Councillor Irene Chamberlain's seat also remains in Lib Dem hands.

Elmdon Result

LIB DEM HOLD Brain (Lab) 328, Faulkner (UKIP) 491, Gough (Con) 1120, Knibb (Green) 96, Slater (Lib Dem) 1175

Olton Result

LIB DEM HOLD Fairburn (Lib Dem) 1554, Gulati (Lab) 388, Linfield (Green) 232, Qais (Con) 1429

Lyndon Result

LIB DEM HOLD Adeyemo (Lib Dem) 1060, Thomas (Con) 901, Tolman (Lab) 693, Williams (Green) 259

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