Lorely Backs Shocking Appeal to Save Lives in Solihull

Lorely Burt has backed a fund-raising appeal by local charity FastAid to raise £35,000 for new defibrillators.


Volunteers at Fastaid – known as Community First Responders – provide emergency first aid in their community. Because they live close by Community First Responders can arrive much quicker than ambulances – in one case within 30 seconds. All Community First Responders are backed by an ambulance.

Dave Monk, a trustee, says that every 30 seconds that passes after a cardiac arrest reduces the chances of survival by 10%.

Fastaid was founded 10 years ago with support from Touchwood. Soon after it successfully bid for Lottery Grant funding with support from Lorely Burt acting as local MP.

It has recently acquired a fleet of bicycles after receiving a grant from Jaguar Land Rover.

The charity has now launched its ‘Shocking Appeal’ to raise £35,000 to replace its ageing defibrillators. Each defibrillator will be used dozens of times and is expected to save the lives of several people living in Solihull.

Mr Monk said,

“Fastaid is entering its tenth year and I’ve been lucky to be involved for most of that time.

“We’re a truly local charity – residents can actually see us cycling or driving on their streets using equipment paid for with their donations.

“I would urge local people to give as generously as they can – they could be saving the life of someone who lives on their own street.”

Lorely said,

“Fastaid do amazing work – volunteers who literally save local people’s lives in their spare time.

“People like Dave are the real local heroes on our streets and they deserve our support. I would encourage residents to give as generously as they can to their ‘Shocking Appeal’.”

You can donate to their Shocking Appeal fund-raising campaign here

Photograph shows Lorely Burt with FastAid trustee and Community First Responder Dave Monk

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