Council Motion to Reduce Solihull's Plastic

A motion to reduce Solihull Council’s use of plastics, submitted for the Council meeting on Tuesday the 9th, is fully backed by your local Lib Dem Councillors.


Cllr Groom of the Green Party has submitted the motion:

 “Solihull residents are very aware of the increasing amount of evidence showing the significant impact of disposable plastic items on the world's oceans, waterways, marine life, human health and the impact of litter on our communities. Solihull Council will commit to:

  1. Develop a robust strategy to make Solihull a ‘single-use plastic free’ authority by the end of 2019, including an end to the purchase and procurement of singleuse plastics through supply chain;
  2. End the sale and provision of single use plastic products such as bottles, cups, cutlery and drinking straws in council buildings; and
  3. Investigate the possibility of requiring pop-up food and drink vendors at Council events to avoid disposable plastic items as a condition of their contract.”

Our Councillors will be supporting this motion – assuming it doesn’t get significantly amended. (The controlling Conservative group on the council often amend motions like this, so that an opposition motion becomes their motion if they quite like it!)

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