New 20 metre 5G mast coming to Dovehouse Parade

New 20 metre 5G mast coming to Dovehouse Parade

A permitted development slim line column telecommunications pole with six antennas, two dishes & two ground level equipment cabinets will be installed adjacent to 383-385 Warwick Road B91 1BQ. The planning application PL/2020/02358/PN can be searched for here: Search Planning Applications

The Olton Liberal Democrats have seen fit to inform residents about this development before it is installed to allow residents to ask any questions they may have.

A ten metre BT pole was recently installed on Wadleys Road without any consultation to residents, so we want to give residents more of an influence over local developments. You've told us that you want more say over development in your area and we want to help you with this.

We support the faster internet connection in the area that this new mast will bring and it will be an asset to Dovehouse parade businesses and residents living nearby.

To provide coverage for increasing demand, 5G masts are being installed across the country. Cornerstone Telecom Infrastructure oversees this development. We feel that Cornerstone should provide consultation to adequately inform and address Olton resident’s comments and concerns about the properties of the proposed mast.

Therefore, Michael Carthew got in touch with Cornerstone to see if they could offer more consultation. They agreed to take questions from residents via email.

Please email any questions or concerns you have to [email protected]

Please quote the Solihull council planning application number which is PL/2020/02358/PN. The application will come in front of the planning committee next year. If you would like to know when that will be, please leave your details at the bottom of the page.

This is a map of the proposed site. The location of the proposed cabinet is the rectangle shaped grid to the left of the large tree and the location of the proposed mast is just below the cabinet site. You can cross reference this area with maps near the Melford Hall Road end of the parade.

Here are some notes we've taken from documents within the planning application:

  • It is part of a single grid network pooling networks together so that they can share masts.
  • Upgrading for 5G rollout providing for Solihull. A new mast is required as the old mast does not have capacity but it will also be upgraded for Vodafone.
  • Phones will not work without masts.
  • The government wants all major roads to have continuous connectivity & important for internet industry – industries can plan with 5G in mind.
  • Demand is increasing rapidly.
  • It needs to be close to the existing mast to provide similar service.
  • 20 Metre height is needed to provide coverage to the target coverage area.
  • 5G operates at higher frequencies so it must avoid clutter signals which tend to also be at higher frequencies, so it needs to be taller to achieve the same coverage footprint.
  • The antennas are in a dual stack formation so that the mast is slimmer.
  • There are other vertical structures in street scene but they are not as tall.
  • Mast proposed in Grey but can be any other colour.
  • Small cabinets painted green to assimilate.
  • Public Radiation exposure guidelines have been followed.

Mast sites already rejected:

  • Dunsmore Grove/Warwick Road Junction – overlooking houses
  • Warwick Road – overlooking houses
  • Heaton Road/Warwick Road Junction – overlooking houses
  • Warwick Rd telephone box – too close to interference
  • Wadleys Rd/Warwick Rd Junction – rejected for technical reasons
  • Shell Garage – no space
  • Broad Oaks Clinic – no space
  • Broad Oaks Rd/Warwick Rd Junction – the original site but issues with underground services
  • Buryfield Rd/Warwick Rd Junction – Cllr rejected

Cornerstone sent letters & plans to Julian Knight MP & 3 Silhill Ward Councillors and asked for a response.

Please leave your contact details below if you would like to stay informed about our campaigns.


Michael Carthew

Campaigner for Olton Ward

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