Olton Car Crime Campaign

Car Crime is the top concern for Olton residents. You often raise it with us on the doorstep and it matches what the police have found. In fact vehicle crime is a top priority for the Olton neighbourhood police team.

Here's a map of the vehicle crimes that took place in the latest 12 months for which we have data. Scroll down to see ways to protect yourself.

Locations are approximate. View Olton Vehicle Crimes Sept 2015-Aug 2016 in a full screen map. Data published under Open Government Licence

Olton Car Crime Stats to August2016When someone breaks into your car, the Police won’t have much to go on and they often struggle to catch the culprit.

In a recent 12 month period in Olton they succeed with just 4 in 150 crimes. So it’s down to us car owners to prevent car crime happening in the first place.

So - car crime is our top priority too. What can you do to avoid becoming a victim? And how can we help?

The Best Advice

Here is the best advice we can give to reduce your risks collated by your Olton Lib Dem team, and the Police. You may not want to take all these steps, or be able to, but do read them and see what you might do better.

Remember - thieves are opportunists and it takes them no time to break into a car.

The Olton Lib Dem want to help our ward reduce car crimeSecuring your car

• Fit an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device
• Get all glass surfaces security etched
• Fit a locking petrol cap and wheel nuts
• Buy a steering lock and use it every time you leave the car
• Register and security mark the valuables you take in the car

When driving and parking

• If you can get your car in your garage - do that!
• Use all the security devices you have, every time
• Lock your vehicle when driving and every time you leave it (See our warning about remote locking fobs too)
• Wipe away any suction pad marks from the windscreen or dashboard - thieves look out for them
• Don’t leave anything on view in your vehicle or in the glove box – it’s the first place thieves look
• Never leave keys in the ignition
• If your car has double locking, use it (This stops anyone opening the doors if they smash a window and reach inside)
• Don’t leave windows open
• Avoid parking in dark and secluded areas

Cold Mornings Bring out the Thieves

Image courtesy of West Midlands Police

Don't leave the car running, and unlocked, on cold winter mornings.

A can of de-icer, or some luke warm water will get clear the windows and you'll still have your car.

Improve your chances of getting valuables back

The good news is that sat navs, phones and other valuables can sometimes be traced and recovered. Try these tips:

• Visit www.registermythings.co.uk or www.immobilise.com to register your gadget free. If it’s lost or stolen you’re more likely to get it back. 
• Mark your gadget with your postcode or vehicle registration number using special security markers
• Make a note of the name, make, model and serial number
• Store your personal details in the memory of you device

Fob Issues

Remote locking doesn't always lock! Always check.

One in 25 Are Inviting Crime

Don’t assume your car locked itself when you clicked your fob. Around here roughly one in every 25 cars parked at home were found to have been left unlocked. Double check every time you leave the car that you locked it successfully.

Keyless or Useless?

If you have a keyless entry fob, which allows the car to be opened whenever you're near, always make sure you place it far enough from the car when you park. 

Dark Streets

If the street where you park your car is too dark at night, please get in touch with your Olton Lib Dem Team, using the feedback form below and we’ll do what we can to improve the lighting.

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If you have any information on any crime, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

To raise any concerns with your Olton Lib Dem team, use the feedback form below.

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