Parking and Road Nightmares Drag On

Inconsiderate, and illegal, parking and speeding are still the complaints we hear most on the doorstep.


The Tory-controlled Council has a tiny budget to solve these problems. It seems it’s always too difficult to do anything, and ‘not a good use of council and police officer time’. So they paint a few yellow lines years after the problem arises and then don’t penalise offenders.

paper-headline-nov16-focus-web.jpgIt took years for the (fairly unsatisfactory) solution to the Olton Station parking problems to rise to the top of their to-do list.
Only recently have residents been consulted as to whether they want yellow lines outside their homes to stop inconsiderate parking by rail users.

In our Spring survey, you wanted more parking at Olton Station, as well as stricter enforcement of parking rules on all residential streets.

Cut the Backlog Now

We want the Council to spend additional money now to cut the backlog of improvements they already know are needed. They have the reserves to cover this.

Enforcement of Existing Rules

In July the Council claimed its parking enforcement was fine: “The service has coped well throughout the year, meeting the demand for assistance in managing matters arising from inconsiderate and illegal parking.”

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