Residents Angered by Council's Lack of Consultation

- Oak Cottage School Traffic Restrictions in Force from Sept 4th -

A survey by the Liberal Democrats shows that three quarters of residents living near Oak Cottage Primary School are angered by the lack of consultation over new traffic restrictions


Councillor John Windmill said

“Solihull Council decided to go ahead with a trial of complicated traffic restrictions near Oak Cottage without any prior concultation with residents.

“We support efforts to encourage children to walk to school, and to ease the traffic problems at the start and end of each school day. But trial schemes like this should be done with the support of residents, and not just imposed upon them.

“After we received a number of complaints we decided to survey the residents. More of them opposed the scheme than supported it, and 77% of people who responded said the Council should have consulted them first. Many still think the Council’s wrong to impose these restrictions even though they personally support the trial.”

Oak-Cottage-signPoor Planning

The Council had said they’d "engage with" residents by the end of April. This meant telling them what had been decided.

The Lib Dems pressed the Council to contact people just outside the exclusion zone as well, as they'll inevitably see some parking displaced to their roads. The Council missed their April deadline, and finally sent out letters and leaflets in July.

Our survey also revealed that only a third of residents thought they’d received enough information from the Council.

Details of the scheme (which affects two other schools as well as Oak Cottage) are at - The restrictions begin on 4th September 2017, in time for pupils to return on the 5th. Residents in the restricted zone must apply for special permits of they want to drive in their own streets during specific times.

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