School Budget Squeeze

Tory Councillors in Denial - Claiming MPs should be Congratulated!

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school funding under pressure

Most teachers will tell you their schools are struggling. Many Blythe schools face budget cuts, with schools warning parents of the risk of teaching staff cuts, as early as 2018/19.

Locally by 2020, in total, these schools will lose out:

● St. Patrick’s - almost £34,000 (£164 per pupil)
● Monkspath Junior and Infants - £19,000 (£30 per pupil)
● Cheswick Green- £70,000 (£134 per pupil)
● Tidbury Green- over £96,000 (£444 per pupil)
● Light Hall School - over £41,000 (£35 per pupil)

An estimated 6 teachers at those schools alone.

Recent studies have shown a strong link between school funding and the achievement of social mobility, so even cuts to non-teaching activities can adversely impact a child’s future prospects.

Faced with real cuts to schools between now and 2020, the Council refuses to petition our MPs.

Solihull Council recently debated a proposal to ask Caroline Spelman MP to acknowledge that current plans are unsustainable, and to lobby the Government to protect per-pupil funding for our schools. The Conservatives voted against this, and instead said that everyone should congratulate the work our MPs have done on school funding!

Charles Robinson as your BLYTHE Councillor would demand that Solihull’s Conservative MPs work harder to secure decent funding for state schools.

Vote for Charles Robinson on March 1st

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