A Second Chance Doesn’t Happen Often

Just two years ago the UK went to the polls, electing one of the most divisive and destructive Governments we have ever seen. We want to change that.


Here in Solihull, the Conservatives took the seat amongst a wave of promises which just have not been delivered. They have let the people of our town down.

We want to change that, and give you a hardworking Liberal Democrat MP who will represent all of us, whilst changing the direction of our country for the better.

Only a vote for the Liberal Democrats can take on the Conservatives in Solihull, and fight for an open, tolerant and united country.

"Solihull is a lovely place to live and work and I feel that we must work very hard to keep it that way. My children all grew up here and I feel that we must work very hard to keep it a place we are all proud to call ‘home’."

Ade Adeyemo
Parliamentary Candidate for Solihull

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