Stop Press - Council Provide Temporary Fix for 37 Bus Users

Solihull Council has bowed to pressure from protesters complaining about the change of route for the 37 bus. Temporary stops have been installed a little closer to Olton Station, on the Warwick Road.

Solihull Council's Transport Planners have installed temporary bus stops on Warwick Road, closer to Olton Station, for the remainder of the 37 bus service trial. The bus stops are between Richmond Road and Ulverley Green Road on both sides of the road. The bus stops are ‘on-line’, i.e. not within a layby, approximately 25m from the traffic signal stop line in each direction.


The Planners say that "... it would not be possible to create a permanent layby for northbound buses at this location if the wider trial with the 37 bus service was made permanent."

Your Local Lib Dem Councillors don't think this is a perfect solution, but we welcome the Council doing something in response to the widespread anger of local people.

We fear this doesn't go far enough for people with limited mobility, and that these on-line bus stops significantly delay and disrupt traffic along the Warwick Road. If the temporary stops are deemed to be a problem we anticipate that they will be removed, forcing people to walk 300 yards between station and stop forever.

Indeed the planners said "Whilst it is intended that the trial will be in place until the end of October, we will not hesitate to remove the stops if they cause a patent issue with regard to road safety and/or congestion."

The Transport Planning department say they would "welcome any feedback you may have". So - if you have any - please tell us here.

Protesters at Olton Library

The protesters held a third meeting on October the 8th at St Margarets Church. 


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