Solihull Town Centre Master Plan

The Council has big and, for some, controversial plans for how Solihull Town Centre is to develop over the next 20 years. The initial consultation ended, but thes plans are now part of a major consultation into Solihull's Local Plan. You can still read the details here.


The Solihull Town Centre Masterplan provides a blueprint for future investment and development in the town centre over the years. It will seek to provide a framework to maximise opportunities, make best use of existing assets, and set out a clear vision for Solihull in 2036 while still retaining the character of the town.

The Council created a number of Exhibition Panels which included an analysis of the town centre’s current situation as well as the emerging themes from the Masterplan.

Beware if you're using a mobile device - these documents are large files.

1 - Solihull Today
2 - Engagement to date
3 - Emerging Concepts
4 and 5 - Areas of Change

If you would like to go into more detail, you can read the draft Solihull Town Centre Masterplan:

  1. Chapter 1 and 2 - Introduction and Planning Policy Review
  2. Chapter 3 - Spatial Audit
  3. Chapter 4 - Market Overview
  4. Chapter 5 - Transport
  5. Chapter 6 and 7 - Engagement & Vision
  6. Chapter 8 - Emerging Concepts
  7. Chapter 9 - Areas of Change

Here's what the Council said: 

What is the Solihull Town Centre Masterplan?

While Solihull is already an attractive town with excellent shopping facilities and employment opportunities, the town centre is made up of large single-use areas, which have little interaction.

At present land use in the town centre is divided between the retail core (the High Street, Mell Square and Touchwood) and commercial areas (along Homer Road and the western edge of Warwick Road) with very few residential areas and significant barriers to pedestrian and bicycle movement.

The Masterplan seeks to address this by:

  • creating areas which have different uses throughout the day and into the evening, and which help to improve the diversity of the town centre offer
  • improving public transport and pedestrian and cycle access to and throughout the town centre
  • provide a visionary but deliverable framework for future development balancing growth, infrastructure investment and the quality of place

Seven geographic areas for potential change have been identified in the town centre. 

The initial consultation ended, but if you missed out the overall Local Plan for Solihull is open for comment until February 17th 2017. 

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