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Bruce is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Silhill, and his priorities for Silhill are safe and clean neighbourhoods, more affordable homes, fair school funding, and improving local NHS and care provision. Here's his manifesto...


I have been a resident in Silhill Ward for 34 years. I have taught in Solihull schools for 37 years. I have the energy and passion needed to help make Silhill Ward a local community which is fit to serve every one of our residents.

Examples of ways I have been active in your local community are:

  • being part of the Speed Watch team set up by the residents of Ashleigh Road to deter vehicles driving over the speed limit
  • clearing litter from the side of The Grand Union Canal by Lode Lane, and Solihull parks
  • involvement in a successful campaign to stop the siting of a mobile phone mast on Damson Parkway overlooking a resident’s garden

Issues brought up by residents on the doorstep


This is a growing concern among local residents, with robbery a particular worry. Solihull is the sixth worst Metropolitan Borough for robberies, according to the Local Government Association. It is hoped that the closing of Solihull Police Station will secure the jobs of more front‐line police officers in our area.

schools imageSchools

Schools in Solihull are struggling to cope with less money to spend per head on the children in their school. This has particularly hit primary schools, including those in Silhill. For example, Yew Tree Primary School, according to is set to lose £77,517 over a five year period. This works out at £388 less per pupil from 2015 to 2020.

housebuilding imageHousing

Housing shortages are concerning Silhill residents especially the lack of affordable homes and social housing. When new homes are built, the housing needs of local residents must be the priority.

hospital imageHealth

Health issues worry a growing number of residents whether it is increasing difficulty booking a GP appointment, lengthening waiting times for routine treatments, or a lack of provision for social care. It is clear that more money is needed from the Government urgently to reverse cuts to services.

The Liberal Democrats are leading calls for Health spending to receive a separate ring‐fenced budget which has the support of members of Parliament from all main parties in England. The National Health Service is too important to be used as a political football.

Environmental Issues

The quality of the local environment around Silhill has become much more of a problem recently. Litter, especially plastic, builds up at the side of roads and in green spaces such as along the canal and in parks. Fly tipping is also on the increase. Voluntary teams and council staff are clearing up what they can.

Vote bruce Stone in Silhill Ward

If elected to represent you, I will:

  • Campaign for an increase in police numbers for Solihull
  • Support local residents wishing to set up a Street Watch group
  • Actively support plans for the building of affordable homes including social housing to provide quality homes which our next generation can afford
  • Continue to press for real increases in school funding to reverse the cuts made to school budgets
  • Fight for more resources for health and social care, and to retain important services at Solihull Hospital
  • Support moves to be tougher on litter droppers especially those involved with fly tipping, and campaign for the removal of all non‐essential single use plastic from council premises and schools.

Published and promoted by Bruce Stone, on behalf of himself and Solihull and Meriden Liberal Democrats, all at 466 Warwick Road, Solihull.

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