Vote Lib Dem in Lyndon

The Tories have a big majority on the council. Democracy suffers when one party is so dominant.

It’s time to balance the council up! 

In the local 2019 elections your Lyndon candidate is Kathryn Thomas.

2019 Manifesto


Solihull is the 10th worst out of 36 Metropolitan councils in England for the frequency of robberies. We will fight for more Police resources for community policing.


Teachers are over-worked and under-funded. We say local schools should get a fairer slice of education funding.


We want Solihull to play a big part in building homes to meet demand. We'll push for genuinely affordable housing for first time buyers, and social housing too.


Solihull could lead the way to a healthy low-carbon economy. The council has to dispose of millions of single-use plastics each year, and you foot the bill in Council Tax. We can't recycle our way out of the plastic crisis, so let's reduce our use.


Councils can play a part in fighting climate change. We want wider encouragement in the use of public transport - not penalising drivers but by making buses and trains easier to use.

roadsPotholes cover our roads.

Speeding and inconsiderate parking are daily hazards.

We will continue to push the council to make Solihull a safer place to live.


We will continue to support our local employers, creating a stable environment for growth and job creation, ensuring that they can continue to provide well-paid local jobs, whilst protecting the environment and the needs of our local residents.


Solihull Hospital must not be run down in the name of regional efficiencies. We're pushing for better coordination between social services and the NHS to reduce bed blocking.

prevention.jpgWe will oppose short-sighted funding cuts to local organisations that help prevent illness and keep people out of hospital.
Prevention is better than cure!

mental-health.jpgGPs see increasing cases of self-harm, depression and drug dependency. Children with mental health problems wait too long for initial assessment, and schools struggle to provide support. We'll press for more resources.

Vote Kathryn Thomas - Liberal Democrat - in 2019

Published and promoted by Kathryn Thomas on behalf of herself and the Solihull & Meriden Liberal Democrats, all at 466 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AG.

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