Where does the Rubbish Go?

We often hear people asking if it's worth recycling.  Doesn't it all just end up in landfill?  Isn't is shipped to China?

Here's what happens to it...

Read the full Solihull Council report from late 2016 (This is a 1.1MB PDF file)

The contents of our brown bins (or clear sacks for properties which can't accommodate a wheelie bin) go to a Material Recycling Facility (MRF). This is a specialist plant where recyclable materials are sorted into different types - plastics, paper, cardboard, metal, etc..

A mix of manual and automated methods is used at the MRF. Once sorted into separate streams they are baled and sold to reprocessors and manufacturers to create new products.

Solihull Council uses a facility in Birmingham operated by Suez, and the process is outlined below (Extracted from the Council Report):

Materials Recycling Facility Overview


Please excuse the spelling in the diagram above - it's from the Council, we didn't write it... 

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